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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It Wasn't Easy Getting To The Willow Ball

Our day started out at the beach......
Everything was just fine until Cary said that he wanted to meet with some producers on an up-coming film. 
Instead of going to the party tonight.
I wasn't happy at all.
Cary had promised a long time ago that he would attend The WILLOW BALL with me!!!
As we drove back to the hotel.......
Here he is again trying to persuade me to go to dinner with his friends and associates.
I explained that I have been waiting all year to attend The Willow Ball with him.
I started to tear up......
Cary gave in.....temporary as may have been.....
he caved.
Of course....just like a man...
he was trying to get me to promise that we could leave early after making an appearance.
He said we could still meet with his friends later-
after the party.
I was standing my ground...
I wanted to dance and stay until dawn if the party lasted that long.
And then...... 
Cary pulls up in this!!!!!
He knew this would send me right over the edge.
"NO WAY" I said,
I am not going to The Willow Ball in that crazy sardine can car.
"I won't I tell you, 
I WON'T!!!!"

Well....I did and we arrived right on time.
You should have seen the movies stars that were there!!!
You still can if you go here.
Don't you know, Cary decided to dance like a mad man.
With, or without me.
I asked him to stop and spend some time with me....
He did.
Honestly, it is almost impossible to say no to him.
Could you???? 
We were definitely not having our best night together!!! 
He was still working on me to leave and meet up with his friends.
I was standing my ground.
Cary said..."You said you wanted to dance"
"Now let's dance!"
After a few rounds on the dance floor and drinks with his fellow movie star friends,
I agreed to leave.
In spite of our emotionally charged night, 
the party was outstanding and Willow had amazing food, drink and beautiful decor.
Her Manor Home rivaled Mara Largo for entertaining.
We gracefully said our goodbyes and thanked Willow for inviting us (ME).
Cary then drove me home in the sardine can car......
10 seconds long
See how the evening ended in this video.

My question to you is this;
'Could you say no to Cary?'

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  1. Oh gosh..., do I adore the French Riviera, Grace Kelly and Leonard Cohen!!!

    And Renee.... did you post about your clients decoupage kitchen table? I'd love to see it!

    Maya @ Completely Coastal

  2. (((giggles))) Sardine can car or not, you have one delicious date, my friend! Hey, you have to sit so close together in those little cars. Sounds dreamy to me!

  3. maya....
    i do not have access to the clients home anymore.
    i wish i had taken a picture.


  4. haha Love it.. No I couldn't say no to Cary... what a fab time you had.. and I must say I have never seen Cary dance quite like that before.. nor have I seen his sardine car... He is a man of surprises.. I guess he has to be to keep up with you!!!

    Fabulous Renee... loved it.. Did I ever tell you Cary saved me from total despair once.. Weeks of Cary movies to get me over a lost love.. hahaha

    Thanks for your kind comments.. I do believe I haven't been called interesting before.. online at least.. So... love your infinity pools too.. I have another six sense one for you in a few days.. and that Texas pool.. freaking me out.. not sure I'd feel safe in that one!! Have a good one.. xxx Julie

  5. Seems a bit of a troubled relationship, but OH, I am so glad to meet both of you!
    And who could say no? Not me.
    (I think the car is kinda cute)

  6. Enchanting, you reek of royalty my dear!

  7. Whilst I know we are friend Renee, I am sorry, but I would pinch him from you with out the slightest hesitation!!!!

  8. Oh girl, what a sensational Manor Ball post! Your partner is divine, but he's a little tempermental, I just wanted him to whisk you off without nary a word of protest. I think you're in for a verrrrrry interesting evening.
    Millie ^_^

  9. No...I would never say no to Cary....xv

  10. Stylish, clever and lovely. After a night with Cary Grant I presume
    that your affection for horses may have been superceded somewhat!

  11. Cary being Cary. At least with the sardine car parking is easy

  12. Oh no .... I could never refuse the dashing Mr. Grant ~ never. How divine you look this evening.

  13. You are such a lucky woman. I say do what you must to get him there!

  14. I will admit he is very hard to say no to; however if he ever pulled that with me, I would leave him flat and go steal myself another dashing man. Nothing like prevoking a little green eyed monster to do the trick.

  15. you look stunning!1 Definitely would find it difficult to say no to Cary...

  16. I must admit, although I am totally in love with your date, he was being a bit of a show-off on the dance floor tonight. All that prancing around by himself!! :)

  17. What a wonderful night of surprises and challenges!
    Love the car!
    Fabulous that your date got "in the mood"!
    Hope your evening continued to an ever higher note ;)

  18. After a tumultuous day I think that was the perfect kiss to end it. Lovely look on your face; a bit pouty, provocative, and definitely gave Cary dear something to mull over during the rest of his night alone!

  19. Dear Renee,
    Well, I think that maybe you're so smitten by Cary that, if you're not careful, he is going to be so controlling and that spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E !!!! Mind you, he is soooo good looking, who cares !!
    I hope that you invited him in for a night=cap (wink,wink !!!!) and, in answer to your question.....NO. Brilliant post Renee. XXXX

  20. Well you certainly had quite the day didn't you. Love and Light, Sender

  21. couldn't say no to cary!

  22. NO! I wouldn't want to say "no" to Cary. Isn't he the most idolized man who ever lived? Both of them, adored by the entire world. Great fun post, Renee, loved it!

  23. well,
    as this post ends - in the video
    i did say "NO" to handsome cary.




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