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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sealyham Terriers Make Much better Dinner Guests

Sealyham Terriers

These Little People
are just happy to be happy .

These are the little people
I will have to my next dinner party
after last night's party fiasco.

Have you ever been trapped in your own house with an unreasonable dinner guest ?
An unreasonable drunk ? I know, it may sound harsh.

But sadly, there is no other way to describe the condition.

When a person does or says something that they would not normally do or say
without the wine, or the martini's ( pick your poison ) , not surprisingly, I call that drunk .

This is the time for a Handy-Cam and U-TUBE !!!
I swear, if more individuals had a video of themselves when they were
a bit more than ' TIPSY '.........
there would not be ' so much caution thrown to the wind .'

These once fashionable ( SOBER ) and adorable
( future Dinner Guests )
The Sealyham Terriers,
are on the brink of dying out.
But, I can guarantee you, I wouldn't get a sarcastic or hurtful remark from a
Sealyham Terrier if I tried to cut off his milk bones for the night.

Basically , I would just have to .....maybe.......throw his ball a few times ??

Go here to read more to see and read more about The Sealyham Terriers:

Renee Finberg 'TELLS ALL' in her BLOG.....


  1. Anonymous10:13

    They're so adorable!
    Is that what Nick and Nora with Asta in the Thin Man Series?
    Are you thinking of getting one? Sure would be conversation with someone who's tipsy!
    How is life? Shall we rendezvous soon? xoc

  2. Argh! All the prep work and planning that goes into a dinner party...and then the D.D. - the dreaded drunkster. I hope he sent "so sorry flowers".
    I have a friend who is a florist and she has one customer that sends out "so sorry" bouquets weekly. Imagine!
    Thanks for stopping by ;)
    I love popping in here to see what's going on.

  3. paris,

    no, i think they are real people from the american kennel club back in the '30's. LOL

    let's go to the delray affair together !


  4. Oh my soul, I would happily entertain a house full of these!! Charming, dapper little ones.

    Drunk, obnoxious dinner guest? The absolute worst. I'm so sorry!

  5. They are sweet little dogs, although I'm not a terrier fan. I used to look after one from time to time in Hong Kong, (walking etc), but sadly he literally dropped dead.

    Your guest from hell sounds like a bore. But you have to be firm, and just kick him/her out. There is no merit in arguing, or even entertaining their "drivel"'s just "Out!", "Out!"

  6. columnist-

    thank you very much for commenting.

    i was in hong kong - it was a childhood dream to go , it was everything i imagined.

    i would love to live there for a while.
    how is bangkok ?

    about the dead dog, were you walking him at the time ???

    that sounds like a SNL skit.


    come back and see me

  7. Renee, sorry to here you had a bad dinner guest. How utterly horrible! I have never had such a guest, but I did get into a yelling match with my brother-in-law once (he is a jerk anyway) over Christmas vacation. I am a principalled person and can't let a stupid remark slide, so I called him on something and he turned really mean. It was rather ugly...

    Sorry to hear about your headaches! We will have to share more about this! I have cervicogenic/tension type headaches, that stem in my neck. I have headache 30 days out of 30. Most days are bearable, but about 2-3 days a month I miss work. I also have a migraine component, so that is an added bonus. My company is aware of my condition and is very accomodating, so that helps.

    Take care, xo Terri

  8. I'd take one of those gorgeous sealyham terriers over a drunk dinner guest any day! I do hope for your sake that your dinner party ended well, with all relationships intact.

  9. Renee...bummer about the dinner a cab? The dog is adorable and one thing about them is they are always in a good mood and love you all the time!

  10. No, the dog didn't drop dead when I was walking him, thankfully. He was with his owner, and lept up to catch a fly at the window, and then just collapsed.

    Glad you enjoyed Hong Kong. Bit too frentic for me, (now); Bangkok is much more laid back, although both lifestyles have their pluses and minuses!



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