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Monday, March 2, 2009

A Fireplace , A Friend , And My Dog

Outdoor Fireplaces-

Is An Outdoor Fireplace A Poor Man's Pool ?? ( NYT Pic)
I have a chandelier hanging from a tree over a seating area in my garden/courtyard, I also have a fireplace outside.

When it is dark and cool at night ,
I light a lot of tea lights and I place them all over the garden.

Then I get the fireplace going, I curl up with something warm to sip on
and listen to music while starring up into the sky.
Imagine...this sky is a clear midnight blue,

and is lit with thousands of tiny shiny stars.
I am not feeling very much like 'a poor man' in a moment like that !

I think these difficult times in our economy will bring a lot of what is supposed to be important, to the forefront in our relationships , and in society.

I am hoping that what is of real value ( and I mean that in the truest sense of the word )
will begin to fuse with our consciousness and our unconscious selves.

I am not judging, this is my observation.
I personally have started on my own journey of adjustments , both financial and emotional .

( )

How many designer bags, shoes, cars, and other things to we really need to live & be happy ?

Good health, Friends , love , pot luck dinners, laughter , my daughter, my ex-husband and my dog, my sweet horse ( Hershey )......

oh yes, .... and all my Bloggie Blogsters.

This is what I value.

The best link I found :

Renee Finberg 'TELLS ALL' in her BLOG.....


  1. Anonymous19:28

    I would live inside the fourth picture.

  2. Renee....we want so much one of these outdoor fireplaces! I did not know south FL had them too!
    I love how you have the chandelier hanging from the very creative! What a blessing to be able to sit out and enjoy what God has provided.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog....snow is good for a couple of days!


  3. Yep.....those are the important things. Those....and an outdoor fireplace! Yum!!

  4. Anonymous10:36

    For me a fireplace beats a pool every time! Love these images. Hey girl, how are you doing? We have to rendezvous when you are free. I still want to hear about your Carlton Varney interview. Sorry I've been away so long, hope we can reconnect. I miss you!!

  5. love the message in this post - and your story about Bebe in the other post.

  6. I have a fountain on my patio! It's a big concrete box with an urn in the middle. behind it I have strings to twinkle lights. heaven - hard to drag myself in at night -!!!

    loved those pictures - especially the first one!!!


  7. Bravo. Well put. We have all been drowning in too much "stuff", methinks.

  8. oh i'd love to have an outdoor fireplace with a fancy chandelier! that first photo is wonderful :)

  9. THose outdoor fireplaces are costly... soooo I don't know very many poor men with them... LOL
    Outdoor fireplaces are nice if you don't have an are big enough for a pool.
    I would settle for a portable firepit!

  10. Anonymous20:49

    I have a tiny outdoor fireplace and I think that is a great chandelier idea. You sure have hit the proverbial nail head with your comments. I agree with you completely.

  11. I adore out door living! and the fireplace, Oh, what more do you need!




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