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Friday, March 20, 2009


Remember Lara & Dr Zhivago ????
Remember when they ran away and hid in the frozen palace ?
This made a huge impression on me.
The first chandelier I bought was on E. 61st St. in NYC.
It was an ornate Murano Glass chandelier in a milky white. And I had to have it because it reminded of the frozen over palace that the lovers hid in during the revolution.
BOING !!! We bounce back like magic every year.
The FREEZE is over is spring.

Love is in the air...............

Happy Springtime

Believe it or not, the close-up of this branch is what started this post.

I found this 6 months ago and thought...............hmmmmmm....
If I were a patient person, with a steady hand, or I could deal with tedious......
I would try to make this. This pic is a closeup of a chandelier made entirely of branches.
Obviously, they are wired by hand ,and then the tiniest bulbs are attached.
Then, teeny tiny little shells or flat beads ( whatever) are attached around the bulbs.
How FABOO !!!!!
Savanna, Georgia

I saw this and thought of FIFI FLOWERS, and said to myself; "FIFI's work would be great on fabric, I wonder if she might try it ? "
Yes, I would like FIFI's design more than this ! ( duh ) Although it is all a matter of personal preference.


  1. Anonymous11:54

    I remember the music more than the movie..Classic!
    Wonderful photos and a great blog!

    Glad I stopped by.


  2. What a really creative post! Loved it - am so ready for spring!

  3. Renee...I never know where you are going to end up when I begin at the beginning of your blog! It is always fun and ends up different than I could imagine!

    YES, I am in Atlanta....I would love love love to meet you and your friend for coffee! We can go to Boxwoods too!

    Have a fab weekend!

  4. I thought of Fifi Flowers too when I saw this fabric... and I thought oooooh I must paint that caterpillar too! Fifi would love to design flowers around her paintings! I love that you think of moi!
    BTW... the linky thing is... I'm hostessing Fashionable Fridays so people can link to me and I can be link to them and we can have one BIG party... should you ever want to play along I would LOVE it! Today's post would be GREAT!
    ENJOY your weekend!
    PS I wish I could stop by your area too and meet you girls at Boxwood!

  5. Doctor Zhivago is so great, and the book even more so!

    I adore that bicycle with the baskets of flowers!

    Happy Spring!

  6. That chandy looks lovely!! And yes...I could see Fifi in fabric!!

  7. i LOVE love LOVE that movie! That palace was so perfect :-)

  8. Anonymous10:45

    That chandelier is divine! I love it instead of something more tradtional. Brings in the outdoors and a lot of Midsummer Night's fantasy elements.

  9. What absolutely delicious pictures! As much as I do love winter... and I do...I am eternally seduced by Spring. Each and every year my heart just melts.

  10. Happy Spring and thanks for the beautiful images!!

  11. thank you all for your comments .

    i'm easy....
    this makes me very happy !!!



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