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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


My brain,
did it again ,
it was dreaming while awake......
Dreaming while awake ....
I was fantasizing about buying a really beautiful piece of property with a view.

If it doesn't have a view, then I will make one
with a garden.

Dreaming while awake.....
What would be inexpensive to build , and live in ?
Really different ?
Charming ?
And Really FAST !
( I want what I want , when I want it )
Something small , quaint ,and really well built.
....and just right for my particular purpose.
A sort of play-house, that I could be very comfortable in and stay for quite a while if I wished to.
An escape ( yes - another one ), with minimum commitment, if you follow my meaning.
A trailer of any sort is out of the question !!!

But a train, is historical, is funky ,is mechanical ,and is built like a tank.
after all , trains are built to withstand a crash.
Dreaming while awake....
A very private place , where I can hide in plain site.
I want it to be in a tiny little seaside village, where I can bicycle & walk to everything.

(The Orient Express) This might work.

' LIFE'S CRASHES ' make me dream of this place.

Dreaming while awake...
These are some of the woods that I would consider for the interior paneling etc.
If it ends up being a true summer place, I would choose the whitewash burl.
If I will be running up to my caboose cabin all during the year............I would then use my all time favorite WALNUT & Walnut Burl. YUMMO !!!
Dreaming while awake....
This wouldn't be bad at all. I would really be able to get lost here.
This setting is certainly elegant enough for entertaining..................
Dreaming while awake.....
Oh look, it's Cary Grant and me !!! wink wink ( North By Northwest )
He is a lovely dinner guest, but it was a real task getting him to remove those RayBan's.
.....MISSION ACCOMPLISHED after a cocktail or two.
A framed photograph of heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post as seen in the observation salon of private car Chapel Hill. DeWitt Chapple, Jr. restored the car in 1971. Chapple retained the car’s number, but added the name Chapel Hill after his alma mater, the University of North Carolina, in Chapel Hill. It has been chartered for whistle stop tours.
Dreaming while awake...
I even have a small desk where I can blog on my laptop.
There is enough room (in the very back) for a bistro table ( 18" -24" top ) and 2 tiny side chairs for coffee in the morning.
See ? Just enough room.
With the canopy, I can sit a while longer , even if it begins to rain.

These trains are very roomy.
Keep in mind....I am small.
So everything looks 'big enough' to me .

Dreaming while awake...
This will be the view from my tiny Pullman kitchen. Imagine all the super space saver,and high tech gadgets I can hide behind the gorgeous paneling.
'Our Truest life is when we are in our dreams awake.' Thoreau

Can you see this place in your head like I do ??
site for the history- presidents:



  1. Ah yes, I can see it clearly.
    Hey, if Cary Grant is going to be a regular visitor, may I come for dinner??

  2. pamela,

    OMG !!!
    i would love it !!!


  3. love it. love your view the best! that garden! can I come for tea?

  4. joni,

    can you ?????????????

    surely you jest !!!!!!

    ofcourse you can ,..........
    i can hardly wait !


    keep in mind...the only time i could refuse you would be if
    cary grant were coming over.
    but,i know you understand.

  5. The gardens are my favorite...Joni and I will be right over!

  6. Anonymous00:48

    The Whiteash wood looks good. I agree, if you want a view, just create a beautiful, peaceful, and relaxing garden.

  7. You created such a beautiful dream for us all.
    I would love to relax in your garden.
    I hope there is room for me too!


  8. What a wonderful dream that you have made so real with your pictures.

  9. this post makes me very happy to re-read.
    and the comments make me even happier.

    thank you




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