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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Beautiful ' Order And Disorder ' Makes Stunning Storage !

Beautiful 'Order and Disorder ' Makes Stunning Storage

How great is this look ? They have taken the fronts of china cabinets , or have achieved this look by installing/attaching custom china fronts ( or salvaged antiques ) , over the opening in a wall where a pantry or closet might be specified for storage.

Think of space you save with set-in storage, and the beauty you achieve with these china cabinet fronts instead of using standard doors. It is a great alternative when you want the look of an antique in a room , but you are dealing with limitations, and sometimes we are talking ' inches'.

Or... guess what ?

You could just apply a salvaged china cabinet front, or a dresser/buffet front with a mirror and a pair of electrified sconces on either side . Use your glorious imagination !

This could be done in a foyer that is too tight , but you wanted an impressive entrance. 'Voila,' you can have it !
As a designer, I never have taken very well to the words , " it is impossible" or " there is not enough space to do what you want".
I always figure something out. Always.

And I love the contrast of the high-tech kitchen with the warmth and elegance of the
china cabinet's facade. It works beautifully in my eyes.

I think this might be what Mr Brock was alluding to when he was quoted in the NYT :
Mr. Brock’s definition of aesthetic beauty is based on a complex mathematical theory he developed.
In the catalog he writes that beauty is present in an object “when the right balance is achieved between order and disorder.”

But, even what we read is subjective , NO ?

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Renee Finberg 'TELLS ALL' in her blog of her Adventures in Design


  1. Oh, Sweet Lord ! What a fantastic idea and it looks absolutely amazing. It gives weight to the modern architecture, and brings some drama to the space.

    great post!

  2. Love that! The cabinets add a little warmth to the great kitchen.

  3. debra,
    you could probably paint these cabinets right on that walls . !! :)

    that would be fun and unexpected.


  4. Well, this is a new one for fabulous!! My little brain is just a ticking away right now thinking how I can implement something like this in my home! Thanks, Renee for this wonderful idea...Great, great post!!


  5. Blissful weave of old and new with a humorous side --unpredictable! thanks for sharing- merci du midi

  6. I really love the mix of the old and the new. Very interesting kitchen.

  7. Mimi,

    is this not brilliant ??

    i love it
    .......i think of all the tight little spots i can now lend a bit of illusion to.

    it's like smoke and mirrors !!

    and we girls love our
    ' smoke and mirrors ' !

  8. Beautiful AND gorgeous at the same time, imagine that!

  9. What a fabulous idea!
    It reminds me of an old Apothecary store. Love it!
    Ness xx

  10. the very best part of this post is the ACTUAL SOLUTION IT PROVIDES.

    i am thinking right now about who's home this clever technique could be used at.

    i can't wait to do it !!

    ooooh....i know who !

  11. it really does work beautifully! it's a sublime space.

    ps we boys love our smoke and mirrors too ; )

  12. THAT is perfetion in my mind...on so many levels. What a grand idea!

    You know...our last kitchen we did I put an old antique upper part of a cabinet on the wall...above regular lower cabs. building it in would have taken it to the next level!

  13. These cabinets are fabulous and give that kitchen such style. Thanks for stopping by French Essence Renee, xv



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