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Monday, February 23, 2009

Everyone Really Needs A Dressing Mirror

Have you ever seen someone and thought to yourself ;

' GEEEZ .... doesn't she own (and use) a mirror ?'
or how about ; ' It is obvious, someone lied to her ( or him ) this morning ! '

Please don't tell someone you care about ; " No , really , you look fine. " ,
" Sure, it matches ".

So, everyone does need a dressing mirror, especially with friends like that.

There is always a need for a dressing mirror.
Finding one that is beautiful in it's simplicity, timeless ,
and a real bargain is not always an easy task.

I have found one.

This is it.
(WM692 $ 179.00 65 x 30 @ Ballard Designs)
You can hang it on the wall about 12 inches of the floor, and it will make it possible to see your entire image, from shoes to your chapeau.

WM545 $349.00 @ Ballard Designs

I know that this doesn't look like much in the picture, but this is a show stopper. I was walking by the store and had to go in and check it out.

It is really unusual , and beautiful !
Impressive, really.
I think it is worth every penny, and it will take many !
Sophia Mirror 70 x 39.5 $999.00

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  1. Gorgeous mirrors! And great prices, too. But I want to know it they are "skinny" mirrors. ;^)

  2. i am working on it , i 'm working on it.
    but if you find one first,send me the link !!!!

    (actually, i thought my mirror was from the 'FUN HOUSE' !)
    eeeew !

  3. The first one is really beautiful!

  4. I love the second one girlfriend in southern AL has this designer that did her whole house and did NOT put a mirror in her dressing area...he said she didn't need one...what planet is he on or just a guy that never looks in the mirror?

  5. BL-
    yes, i love the first one !!

    but , like I said in the post, the last one is a wild...

    what is that designer thinking ??

  6. Wonderful choices, Renee!
    I love to sit and observe people on the street and imagine them in the closet choosing what to wear what they're wearing. A fun game sometimes!

  7. I really like that first one - so cute - great price too.

  8. I do have a mirror Renee but some days I just don't want to look in it! xv

  9. Anonymous09:10

    Fantastic mirrors. Thanks for this post. I'm off to Ballard Designs!



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