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Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentines Day Birthday Parties

NYC Graffiti
I am going to do a painting of this wall for my daughter.

Valentines is my birthday, or so I thought until I went for my 1st driver license. My mother always celebrated my birthday on Valentines Day , and I could only have Valentines' themes at my parties because , after all. I was a Valentines baby. Right ?

Everything was red or pink, everything. And so I grew to have a real dislike ( mild word for how I felt ) for the colors. I mean, I HAD TO HAVE RED & PINK at all the parties !!!
But, if you are concerned,
I recently became a recovering PINK & RED person,
but it is a
"one day at a time" program.

Nope, no Ho-Down birthday party theme for this kid, no purple themes, yellow, or black and white, nothing but pink & red !

That color scheme spilled over into my room as well.
PINK PINK PINK and a bit more pink.

I remember after I got my drivers license, I demanded some green. And got some green, the green on the leaves of the pink flowers !! LOL
About the license......

I went into the vehicle motor division and had my birth certificate in an envelope, and of course being very excited ( finally free , with my own car , I was thinking ) handed it to the lady behind the counter.

She asked me a series of questions,
one of them being; "And how old are you Miss Finberg ?",
I said; "16"
she asked; " And when were you born ? " ,
I said; " February 14th 1956",
she said; " Not according to this birth certificate".
I was like, HUH ? Wha ?
She said; "This certificate says that you were born on the 15th. "
Now, I am thinking & saying, "there must be some horrible mistake !!"
In my head I am panicking and thinking, this is it, I knew this was too good to be true !! Finally , I convinced her that it was really mine, and it is really ME , and so she let me take the test. I left with a drivers license in my hand. Frankly, I didn't care if the date on the birth certificate and the license was wrong. I just wanted my drivers license !!!

When I got home I ran to find my mother and told her that there was a mistake on my birth certificate.

And SHE SAID; " Oh , I know your birthday is the 15th, but Valentines Day is sooooo much CUTER !!! "

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  1. Renee, what a cute story, and such great pictures. I will be in NYC next weekend, and though I know that there will be no tulips, I'm looking forward to a bit warmer weather.

  2. LOL! You're mother sounds crazy fabulous! :) I think pink is much better than what I always had to wear; blue and brown. I looked like a cute little boy.. And my hair was always boyishly short (until I was old enough to refuse to cut my hair). You should definitly be thankful! Lol again :)

  3. Anonymous19:54

    Renee, I laughed out loud...I kid you not. After all these years do you have to think before giving your birthday? Oh, do have a happy one.

  4. N-

    have fun in the city.

    maybe you will see a tulip peeking uo through the snow. :)

  5. A very happy birthday to you Renee and if I were you I would celebrate on both days - the more festivities the merrier, right? Have a glorius weekend in full technicolour, xv.

  6. Now I know where you got your larger than life personality, Renee. Your mother sounds like quite a character. Fantastic story.
    Happy Birthday and Valentine's day, Renee.


  7. Anonymous08:35

    Your mom is a legend!
    I agree with Vicki, now you've got the whole weekend to celebrate. Hey, it's the 15th, happy birthday officially!!!

  8. Hahaha! That is so something my mother would do! I had a pink bedroom growing up too and now I can't think of anything else when I see pink!

  9. I laughed out loud. Great ending and totally unexpected. Mrs. E.'s passport listed her as a man until I noticed it. Might of explained some of the raised eyebrows we got going through customs.

  10. E & E

    mine is funny but ,
    omg, a passport with the wrong sex on it !

    now, one has to be a really clever to get around that issue, or a wonderful cross dresser.
    but, let's not forget she has you ,
    THE ELEGANT MAN, to dress her !



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