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Thursday, September 25, 2014

It's Time To Get Married

And pick up my daughter (Andi) & her sweetheart (Antoine)
in Portland Maine and drive them back to Rockland Maine.
I haven't seen her in 2 years.
We were never apart more than 2 months 
until my move to Maine.

My dear, dear and beautiful Mom!
Has been the most loving and supportive....
I don't know what I would have ever done without her.
The older I get, the smarter she gets!!

This is the church we will Marry in -
St. John Baptist Episcopal Church.
Father Peter Jenks will marry us. 
He has been great support and encouragement to me 
since I arrived on the scene.
I consider him my friend and adviser.

Father Peter

Down the street a few blocks.....
we will have lunch here.

This is David my future husband and best friend.
I am thrilled and excited for my daughter to meet him.
(We are all Aquarius)
He wants to take us all on a sail after lunch 
in the most beautiful harbor on the east coast in America.
I want Antoine to fall in love with Maine.
My daughter already loves Maine.
She has since she was 5!!

We may sail past a few of these tall ships.

David and I will take Andi and Antoine on a day trip to see Mount Katahdin.

After spending some much needed quality time with my daughter and her boyfriend -
3 glorious days!!!
I will take them back to Portland for them to spend 2 days on their own. 
I am hoping that they fall in love with Portland and move up.

Portland Maine

Portland Maine

Portland Maine 

We will all drive to NYC, dropping my daughter and Antoine off to do their own thing,
and David and I will take our first trip together as Husband & Wife.


I am a little scared & very excited!!


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  1. This is the most wonderful news I've ever read! So so happy for you, Renee. You deserve to have a new life, with a wonderful new husband, and I know Yvonne is thrilled. You see, from a move you really didn't want to make to the best days of your life. How could it have worked out any better? Big hug and many congrats to this lucky gentleman. Sending love to all of you...

  2. Hello Renee

    This is all the very best news. Congratulations to you and David. I am so very happy for you and I will keep your thought of your daughter and boyfiend's move to Portland in my prayers. Your Pastor looks like a warm and kind man.

  3. Wishing you and David the most wonderful wedding day and many, many happy times together. Your day is going to be perfect, with Yvonne, Andi and Antoine to share it all with you both.Your images are glorious { we saw the Tall ships sail up the river Thames many years ago …. such a beautiful sight } and I can't think of anything nicer than a delicious lunch and then a sail around the harbour on such a special day.
    I am so happy for you and David, Renée and wish you both love, companionship and happiness.
    With much love from a fellow Aquarian !! XXXX

  4. Congratulations those plans all sound great to me
    It's so nice to have someone to love and be loved I miss it terribly after reading your post

  5. I am doing a happy dance, I hope it is the best day of your life.
    Please call when you get to NYC. I will
    be missing you but have the dogs..
    Love Mama xxxx

  6. thats great, great news!!!! congratulations and all the best to you both..

  7. Renee I had no idea of course and am thrilled for you beyond! I would love to hear more about David; however I have no doubt you will be so very happy!

    The Arts by Karena

  8. Renee you dark horse, I never saw this coming but I'm over the moon for you! You deserve the happiest of days only from now on - good things come to those who wait. Love from Millie & MOTH xx

    1. yes mills.......
      i even surprise myself.
      thank you for your sweet wishes xxx

  9. Dearest Renee, you are getting married!!! I am beyond THRILLED for you, having followed your tribulations from Florida to Maine. You have no idea how I admired your courage in face of adversity (which i am going through right now). Your mother is such a dear to me.Eventhough we are yet to meet, i feel that you both have been a part of my circle of friends.
    I am actually driving to South Bristol Maine this afternoon, in much need of time out and finding some clarity. Then back to New York where I will unwind my business. I wish you all the happiness you deserve!!!

    1. francine....
      i adore so. bristol.
      i am sorry to hear about your biz. time you are up you might call and we can meet for cafe.
      does this mean you will spend more time up here??

      thank you for all you kind wishes.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. It was supposed to say "yippee". Oh well - really wonderful wonderful news Renee.

    1. thanks RO!!
      my daughter is here and it is fabulous.


  12. What wonderful news! Congratulations to the lucky sailor! Your Canadian goose, R&G

  13. Remember about 1 year ago and now what a wonderful surprise Doesn't it show ...never give up/the best is yet to come or after rain follow sunshine? You deserve it so well and I wish you all the best for the future.

  14. How blessed to find someone that you want to share your life with. Wishing you love and all the best. You are making me want to move to Maine! I traveled there very often for a company I worked for and loved it then. I told my husband we were expecting.....while I was in Maine. Little did we know we were with "twins." Now our twins are 21 and I still remember being so full of butterflies - in Maine.- Love to you both and to your family.

    1. PVE
      maine would be great for you.
      all new images to paint!!


  15. R....Cheers! the happy couple.....with plenty of huzzahs for good measure....k

  16. Congratulations Renee! Wishing you all the happiness in the world! Maine is such a magical place!

  17. Heading out for the cake and flowers, if we have a shower, they say it is for cleansing and makes love grow.
    Very lucky. I want to be the first to wish you as Mrs David H---happiness, and health.
    Love Mamma xxxx

  18. Now that I know it's today I can wish you many congratulations on the actual day …. if I'd known sooner, I would have sent a card and pressie !!!! …. I wondered when it was …….. have the most wonderful day Renée and I'll be thinking of you, your new hubbie, Yvonne and your daughter and her boyfriend. Can't wait to hear all about it …. hope you post photos !!
    ….. and, I can't believe you have had time to comment on my blog when you're getting married in 4 hours time !!!!! It will be 6.00 p.m here.and 1.00.p.m. your time in 4 hours so, I think I'll open a bottle and raise a glass to your happiness and to your family.
    Have the most marvellous time and wishing you immense happiness in the future. XXXX

  19. This is wonderful news. How lovely that you found each other. R&G

  20. Wishing you all the best! I knew (really, I did!) that after you went through the "ring of fire", you would find yourself in a better place. "Pop" goes the Champagne cork to wish you, David, and your family the best life!

  21. Renee, I am so excited for you! congratulations and I am so happy you have found happiness again!!! What a wonderful surprise Maine has brought you! I hope you have a wonderful time with Andi and her bf and pray they will move nearer to you! Have a wonderful time and wedding! xoxo Nancy

    1. nance,
      it has been a beautiful visit with my daughter. and the ceremony went off without a hitch.

  22. so so thrilled for you renee, congratulations!
    david is one lucky man
    share your photo's with us!

  23. Renée, I haven't popped in to see your blog for ages (too flat out with work, so blogging has taken a back seat) but here you are, all sorted out for a new and exciting life. You have been a busy beaver!! I hope it all goes beautifully, and that your marriage brings you and your new husband much happiness. x

  24. It is so strange to not have you here for dinner after work, I wake up and keep thinking you are in your room. Oh well,
    I'll see you tomorrow and you are 15 minutes away. Love you to the sky,
    Mamma xxxxx

  25. Congratulations!!!!! I am so happy for you! I hope tha day was beautiful and that your visit with your beautiful daughter was fabulous!

  26. Congratulations to a beautiful & blessed family, I follow your mothers blog, and loved seeing this wonderful happy event.

  27. Renee!!!!! I am over the moon happy for you! LOOK what you found leaving this end of the country going to that! I lost all of my "favorites" on my blog awhile back...and thus, you! The best to you...and yours!!

  28. Congratulations Renee... I am so happy for you and wish you a lifetime of happiness...
    Much love to you in Maine and happy holidays... xv

  29. Just saw, and so glad I did.


    Garden & Be Well, XO T

  30. Congrats Renée,
    Its a beautiful Life from here on in.... As for Talking your daughters sweet heart into loving Maine, how could he not? It did take much here to talk me into loving it. What a beautiful place to rest your heart on and start a life as a beautifully married couple.

    See you soon.
    I was visiting by way of Yvonne.





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