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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Follow your bliss which does not include Maine .......

I just came back from Boca Raton ( my old home of 30 yrs.)

I haven't been posting because other than  5 or 6 months a year here in Rockland Maine-
I hate it.
It has been pure torture in ALL the remaining months.

There is no place better to be for those summer months & fall.....
the rest of the time....OMG, it's the worst.

And I haven't posted because I have prided myself on being honest in all my post.
I have had nothing nice to say, 
so I didn't want to post because I would sound so NEGATIVE.

My mother reads my posts,
and I didn't want her to internalize my own mistake of my move here.
was it really a mistake?
My move included precious years with her.
And they have been wonderful.
But I can't HOLD UP inside the house for 6 months.
I go crazy.


I felt like an idiot when I was in Boca.
It was so beautiful.
Green & manicured.
I like manicured.
There is nothing manicured here.

I came up here to be with my MOM, 
but other than my relationship with her.............
it is the worst move I could have ever made.
I guess I needed this to appreciate where I came from.
I have learned my lesson well.

My daughter was considering a move here, and I strongly discouraged her.
It would be a career killer.
There is no work here.
No fashion.
No design.
No nothin'.
It would all but destroy her (financially, relationship wise etc etc)

That is what has been going on with me

PS my marriage is doing just fine.
Now that he has been to Boca Raton he is not loving it here either.
Who knows what the future holds for us.

Follow your BLISS.
It's great advice,
but it would be nice if it came with

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  1. You are still hilarious !!
    Some really great things came about BECAUSE you moved. So that's that,
    Everyone knows the winters are horrid, but most of us haven't experienced them. Like the heat in Texas during summers. We try to escape/leave town/don't go outside, etc., but all of us Texans wouldn't live anywhere else. Maybe you two can figure out if you can have both places in your new life. I keep thinking I should move to the Pacific NW, but then I think, "It's not in Texas" and I change my mind. We are all just a bit coo-coo aren't we? Sending love, Renee. I am so happy you're happy again.

  2. Hi Renée,
    So good to see you back in the land of blogging, even if it is to moan about the weather !!
    The UK gets a lot of ribbing about it's weather but we never get any extremes. In fact, I love our weather. We have four proper seasons, none of which are extreme. Mildish Winters, beautiful Springs, moderately hot Summers and colourful Autumns !!
    So pleased that married life is going well and hope that we see lots more posts from you …. I'm sure that Spring is just around the corner !! It's so good to hear from you …. we've all missed you. XXXX

  3. Anonymous22:43

    Renee we all make mistakes that's living. You two need to get outta Maine and back to Boca. Set Mom up in Boca for the winter. Life is too short to be miserable. You can visit Maine in the summer

  4. Well, you had to at least try, and those years with your mom are priceless. Plus, did you find a husband in Maine? Im so happy for your marriage. I wish you could bottle Boca and send some to all of us! Here's to spring, may it come fast and bring lots of great weather to help us forget winter! xo Nancy

  5. Grew up on salt water of Galveston Bay. Moved to Atlanta 3 decades ago with marriage. Knew the first winter I could never live any further north. Not one inch. Atlanta is considered southern, why?

    No wonder you found a man up there, you are SUNSHINE to him. XO T

  6. Hello Renee
    Lovely to hear you got away for a time to sunny Florida. I understand how you feel about dismal winter weather.
    Happy also to hear that your husband is a good man. Renovating your cottage must be a lot of fun for you.
    Keep writing, keep smiling and as a child friend of mine used say "it cannot rain forever"

    Helen xx



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