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Friday, August 2, 2013


 I have thoroughly enjoyed steam baths.
When living in NYC I belonged to a health club and took a steam 
3 times a week for my chronic bronchitis.
It worked.
And in addition to my lungs,
my skin improved,
I lost weight, because it increased my metabolism,
(I was only 25 and probably had a great metabolism)
I was detoxified from my long and late hours spent in the discos,
including my dancing whip-lashes were cured with just one 20 minute steam.

A Residential Steam Shower.

I really would love to have a steam bath/shower at home.
Who wouldn't?

Especially if he is included in the steam shower package.

Most of these images are from the Mr. Steam website.

...While you are viewing these images and videos 
you are listening to Brazilian sambas.
What could be sexier than that?

The above image is from a collection of images in Houzz that feature steam showers.

You feel so amazing after a nice steam and a cool shower.
You feel incredibly clean
and SOFT,
not dried out.

I love the ceiling in this shower.
Not the blue but the style of it.
Similar to a barrel vaulted ceiling.

I don't know about you 
I no longer play all night at the discos-

My body hurts 
worse now than it did after a crazy night of dancing so hard 
that I gave myself a whip-lash.

I would LOVE to have 'a good steam' at home!!!

Would you like to have a steam shower at home?

MR.STEAM aka Mr Feel Good

The History of STEAM

HOUZZ ; words on the perfect tiles for a steam shower

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  1. I too love a good steam. About 3 times a week for me as they have one at my local gym. I can only take about 5 mins though as its so hot! I have horses on my blog today Renee. We went to the races yesterday, you would have loved it, I thought of you!

    1. D,
      i know it can feel like torture to get to 15 minutes....
      the key?
      having someone with a juicy topic to talk to.

      i am coming over to see the ponies!!!


  2. Renee, I love the dry sauna the bestk, but understand the benefits from both of them. We're about to re-model the "His" bath in the master, and I'm going to ask him if he would like a steam. Great idea & we have plenty of space. Love to you guys.

  3. Obviously no one loves a steam like you and I...hahaha..
    I put one each master bath I had years ago...darling daughter's
    homes in London we installed them too. The latest was a cool Philippe Stark design, I think by Duravet which I will post at some point when all is done after the world's worst builder installed it! I miss having one now but the tropics often feels like a steam so...??!!! hugs h

    1. CJ

      don't you hate when someone
      like a sloppy installer or builder screws up your work????

      some day when i have a master bedrm.....maybe i will put in a steam shower.
      i can dream.


  4. we can always go to the spa in Rockland, it has
    a great steam room., and heated pool..

  5. Got a steam shower and love it. I suffer from migraines and it often helps with them when i feel one coming on...that in itself is worth its weight in gold. And as you said the added benefits including being great for your skin is a plus too!

  6. I've been dreaming of a redo in my tiny master bath....marble...lots of marble..and now steam..ahhhh yes, the steam.... hey, IF it ever happens, they might as well add the steam .. right? !

    Happy Weekend Renee!

  7. How wonderful Renée ..... I want one !!!! XXXX

  8. I had no idea it was so healthy and had all those attributes!!! Something I'd love to have or include in my next house. Hope youre having a good weekend R.
    xo Nancy

  9. Great post! I love steam baths, and would love one at home, sigh1

  10. I love steam showers! You are absolutely correct they do make one feel rejuvinated.

    I hope that you have a great week!

  11. Aside from the great feeling of a steam room or shower;
    Renee, the benefits make me really want one!!

    2013 Designer Series

  12. Wow-
    I would love to have a steam bath at home! These baths are gorgeous, and the guy isn't bad either!
    I hope that all is well with you, friend.
    Happy Wednesday.

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