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Friday, August 9, 2013

Catchpole & Rye .... Tubs, Showers, Fittings, and Pull Chain Toilets To Die For

Catchpole & Rye 

Not for me 
maybe I could take a bubble bath in this tub.
Could you?

Each crystal is applied by hand 
with a price tag of  about 200 plus thousand.

But wait,
there's more......

I don't know about you but I adore pedestal sinks.

I found the prettiest of everything at Catchpole & Rye.

I love bath tubs that have wall mounted fittings 
and that are mounted in the middle of the tub rather than on one end.
It's impossible to share a bath with the faucet on one end.

There were several watering holes 
that I frequented in NYC that had pull chain toilets.
The last time I visited one of these places....
they were still there.
I just think that they are cool, 
in a 'time traveling'  kind of way.

I thought this water tank was super clever,
and to the point

I have always loved wall mounted faucets.
Have you ever noticed that all the gunk gathers
 around the base of you faucet? 
Have your next faucet wall mounted 
rather that in the counter top 
and you will eliminate the gunk problem.

Check out the Catchpole & Rye below.

Have a great weekend.
I will be around to visit.
Hugs & xxs

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  1. Hi Renée,
    Well, the first one is a bit too 'blingy' for me but everything else is to die for ..... we have a pull chain as it suits our Victorian house but it's not quite as lovely as the ones you have shown !! XXXX

  2. So many gorgeous pedastal sinks!! I too love the look, ugh the blingy bathtub,fun to see but definitely not for me:) Maybe Mariah Carey? LOL....enjoy your weekend!

  3. Renee I love the copper tub, how great, well all of the photos are. I have always adored pedestal sinks; however I have too much "stuff" to hide away! Hope all is well!

    Designer Series: Barry Dixon

  4. Very pretty, but I could never get out of that tub.
    Old people want them but really better think about getting out of it.
    You may end up writing a book called " Can't get out."
    Your silly Mamma.

  5. I rather loved the throne, and the single arabascato and the nickel fixtures. So pretty, all of them!

    I don't like claw foot tubs because i find them so hard to get out of, but it sure looks pretty with all those applied crystals. I can envision that at some amazing hotel suite.

  6. very lovely. Im putting in a pedestal sink in my powder room, but great solution to
    'the gunk' which I HATE. Just spent 20 mins with a toothbrush and bon ami getting the gunk off my kitchen faucet. WTH? Hope all is well.
    xo Nancy

  7. Hello Renee,

    I love these faucets and the toilets! The bathtub seems a little over the top...but if you like that sort of thing I say go for it.

    I hope that you are well and that you are enjoying the beginings of Fall.



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