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Thursday, October 9, 2008

What A ' KOI ' Personality !

Pretty Impressive KOI POND, and I bet the stable of ponies is just beyond the hedges.
Koi, an ornamental fish which enthusiasts liken to a moving work of art, are gaining popularity thanks to changing lifestyles and increasingly sophisticated tastes, experts say.

Koi swimming slowly and gracefully in the water provide self-healing and peaceful feelings to a person, and koi never fight among themselves.
Most everyone involved in this hobby refer to the Nishikigoi as just Koi. So, when you find information relating to Koi in Japan dating back to 200 BC that is when the invading Chinese brought the common black carp to Japan. The statement “Contrary to common belief Koi did not originate in Japan” is true if you are referring to the common carp but not true when referring to Nishikigoi.
There are few additions or improvements you can do to your home that are as elegant and graceful as a beautiful Koi Pond. With color, sound, and movement, Koi Ponds can turn any yard or patio into a lush serene environment.
Koi breeding first became popular in Japan
A grand champion could fetch 10-15 million yen (95,000-143,000 US dollars) at current market prices, or even more. Europe and the United States are the world's biggest buyers of koi in terms of volume, but the most expensive variety is sold in Asia because Asians have a better appreciation of their value.

1884-1989 The Japanese are continually breeding the Koi, for color changes.
( and everyone else who breed them )

This period has seen the most advancements in the Koi hobby with many new varieties being introduced and improvements in the first varieties. This is also the time when Koi were first introduced to the United States and Europe.
Koi first became popular in the United States when introduced to California during the mid 1960s. ( some say the 50's)
From the first importer and a fish farm in Florida, many thousands of Koi from Japan were bred , eventually those Florida Koi were the seed stock for Koi bred in England and many other parts of the western world. But that was then and this is now....this has grown into a wildly prestigious hobby.

These are some of the flowers and plants you can use.
You can live almost anywhere, with any climate and be successful. The cleanliness of the water seems to be the key.
The Koi have personalities that can be very different. They like to fed by hand and make excellent pets , that recognize and respond to you.
Koi can live to be over 100 years old. (It may be 200 years old, I am no expert )
But you can read more at the sites I have included in this post.
( click to enlarge to read descriptions of fishie families or breeds)
“Owning a prized Koi is a status symbol. It's like the English keeping hunting dogs and horses.” ( Tan )

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