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Monday, October 6, 2008

The Elegance of The Moor's

From what I have read on this subject, it is the Muslims that were from Northern Africa ( Morocco, Tangiers, etc) and being more tawny/lighter in complexion, they were called 'Moors'. The Darkest were referred to as Blackamoors.
Shakespear's 'Othello' was a Blackamoor and from approximately that time in history ,
the Moors were known as 'Blackamoors' in England. I imagine the name caught on from there and traveled the rest of Europe.
The Moorish civilization conquered and ruled Spain.

The Blackamoors hired themselves out in Europe as professional soldiers.

They said it was magnificent to watch them in action. Among their many skills, was their riding ability which was pure grace to behold.

The Moorish civilization conquered and ruled Spain, and if you read another post you will learn about The Alcazar & Alhambra Palaces in Spain. These are the finest examples in the world of early Islamic Architecture.

Blackamoors used in Design have always been a symbol of sophistication and elegance. I have a particular affection for them. In this master bedroom that I did for a long time client, I used Blackamoors for the lamp bases. (click to enlarge on pics)
These great people were called 'Moors' because the word "moor" meant black in their native language.
Read more at :
and the Book : The Golden Age of the Moors

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