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Saturday, October 25, 2008

"Romancing The Bone China Tea Cup"

This makes me CRAZY !!!! I love it to death.

This is for when I am playing 'dress up'.

Shanghai by Faberge Limoges porcelain and gold incrustation dinnerware bring back the opulence and the romantic ambiance of the Russian Imperial Court as well as the elegance of a bygone era. Limoges porcelain dinnerware decorated with 24K gold incrustation.

I love , love, love this too !! This is for my everyday, all the time, casual or work clothes.

This is how I want to feel inside, like the ocean,the gemstone turquoise, the sky, or even a cool spring . It's like an elegant , artsy fartsy child of the 70's.

Hand-painted porcelain dinnerware from France contrasts turquoise hues with 22-kt. gold detailing. By R. Haviland & C. Parlon.

The Bold Greek Key Motif with its striking elegance is certain to enhance any table setting. Platinum and Black design make this a signature Versace pattern. The motif is interpreted here in a modern form under the motto ""past meets present""

Red Coral.

Little Interior Design Dishes, YEAH !!!

How fun are these ???
Occupied Japan of course, this stuff is so much fun to hunt for. If you ever need to find a present for someone who has everything.......the gimmicky little porcelains that they made at that time are endless. "Just Look, You Will Find it".

Oh LOOK !!! Turquoise !

You can find beautiful prints and watercolors , of tea cups. A grouping of tea cups whether prints or actual tea cups can be quite clever.
By clever I mean, let's just say you have a difficult space you need to fill on a wall. You know, it's bald/naked, it just needs a little something. Maybe it is a pop of color that it needs, or just dimension or another 'layer'.

There all sorts of tea cup and plate hangers for walls. They come in every shape, tall and thin, wide and short. And the tea cup holders come for a single tea cup and saucer to hang on a wall or stand for displaying on a surface. You know those skinny walls between doors or windows ? How about over the pass through to your kitchen.......there is a plate hanger for just that space.

Napoleon believed the bees represented "a sting, but also producing honey," sort of a dualistic symbolism.

Wedgewood @ Gumps

Tea Cup balconies on a building in Japan.

This is available, enlarge it ( double click on pic ).

This is also - ebay

I think these are so happy. I am wondering if my college age daughter would like them for her place.

These are examples of the single tea cup stands that rest on a surface. This site seems to have everything, although no clean contemporary holders. Just Google plate holders.

The Tea Cup Ride @ Disney or was that ' DIZZY ' ?


  1. you must see Flora Danica from Royal Copenhagen -
    it is my favorite porcelain.
    thanks for your kind e-mail.

  2. Just a fabulous post!
    I added you to my blog roll!
    xo xo xo



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