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Monday, September 29, 2008

Mizner's Boca Raton Resort

This is a promotional map from Addison Mizner ( Boca Raton Historical Society )
Mizner really did put Boca Raton on the map when he put The Boca Raton Resort on the map !
This is last October's cover, and it is soooooo Boca ! ( this October's cover might be very different )
It is just up the road from Boca raton, so you should ....
Take a drive and see how the other half lives, from Donald Trump’s fabulous Mar-a-Lago (1100 South Ocean), once the palatial estate of Marjorie Merriweather Post, past John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s former house (720 North Ocean ) and the Estee Lauder estate (126 South Ocean) to lovely Worth Avenue, one of the most famous shopping streets in the world. While you are there. make sure you pop into Via Mizner and visit the grave of Johnnie Brown, the pet monkey of Palm Beach/Boca Raton society architect Addison Mizner. It was eccentric Mizner, complete with a monkey on his shoulder, who, in the 1920s, brought the “Old World Mediterranean” look to Palm Beach and points south. If you decide to explore the north end of the island, you can find the former Kennedy compound at 1095 North Ocean, the family’s winter estate until 1995 and site of where William Kennedy Smith was infamously accused of rape in 1991 ( Boca Raton Mag. )
This is the Historical Society's Building, they took over the Original Town Hall Building.
It is a wonderful organization of which I have been involved with. I will post about that later.

( Click on pics to enlarge )
This is promotional literature from Mr. Mizners Company, he had a dream for Boca Raton and designed The Boca Raton Resort which really is The Centerpiece of Boca.

The Boca Raton Resort's entrance. ( click to enlarge )

How about a swim at this pool ? Yes, This is The Boca Raton Resort and yes more people watching, sometimes bordering on a freak show. But that is just through my eyes, what do I know ? ( if you come down and run into me at Mizner's, I'll tell you what I know, and you won't believe it !!! Truth really is stranger that fiction. ( click to enlarge )
The Boca Raton Resort Golf Course
I do not play golf, but I would drive the cart.
And then have a yummy lunch at Chauncy's.
This is Red Reef Park in Boca Raton.
More of Red Reef Park. Everyone comes to sun bathe and snorkel here.

This is what we refer to as 'Mizner'. It is an open air city center with apartments above the stores and restaurants below all inspired by the Mizner design style. You do not want to miss this !!! It has many great restaurants and good shopping as well. And the 'Starbucks' here is a hot spot.
If indeed you like people watching, come to 'Mizner' at night.
Now this....really can be a Freak Show Extrordinaire.

click on pics to enlarge
pics from Boca Raton Historical Society, The Boca Raton Resort and City Data

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  1. You live in such a great place! Such wonderful architecture and style. You are sooo lucky!!! Great article.




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