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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

French Ashtrays And Collectables

Love this ! It is from While searching for the latest accessories I stumbled onto to this collection that is French in origin.

It is really beautiful and look....there is an ashtray in the collection.

I do love the FRENCH, I just can't help myself !!!!

Up until the recent couple of years you could smoke right in the airport in France.
( Lovely how the French hold onto their LIBERTY )

It is official,
we are their Guest and on no less than 3 occasions I have personally seen
some Ugly American walk right up to a smoking Frenchman or Woman who is waiting for their luggage at the conveyor belt... and the American will start coughing and waving theirs hands as if to push the smoke away.

And let me make this special point, the Frenchman was standing with at least 75 feet between himself and the nearest person. The American walks right up to them and starts in on the ugly faces and ' your smoke is offending me' routine.
What is that about ? Rudeness Perhaps ? or Just maybe Control Issues .

In either case....

I always try to pack my manners and meds if I am a guest anywhere.

Back to issue at hand, Ashtrays..

These little ashtrays are considered 'Occupied Japan' and are extremely collectible.
Let me Tell you they are hard to find. These are from Ebay.

For all you ladies ( including me ) who do sneak your ciggies on occasion, these are adorable

I am guilty of buying these when I find them. I have one that matches my the terrace off my bedroom. It has a Boston Terrier and a green base. It is so sweet to look at. Mine has a very clear face etc.

Ok, now I live in Boca Raton and if you ever caught a glimpse of the preteens and the teenage girls here .... well, right next to the pink diamond phones they park on their desks they could park their Miss Kitty ashtrays . G-D forbid, but you never know.

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