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Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Disappointment Of Trump

                 You made promises. Didn't you ?

You Betrayed us.
Didn't you ?

You betrayed the old , the small and powerless.

You stopped Meals On Wheels 
read it all here :

How cruel and cold can a party be ??
How cold and cruel can one President Be ???

Children ???
Really ???
Little Kids ???
Trump ....
You are not even a human being.
You are a horror to children, the aged, the desperate.....

read about the loss of children's help here...just below

There is so much desperation in this country.

As the Republicans would want us to believe.....
There are too few worth saving.

was the greatest president 
and probably because of F.D.R. 
your grandfather or father were kept from starving.
How quickly you forget.
Trump came from a country that we allowed your family entry.
So your family ended up here.
Your Grandfather ran whore houses, some were members of the KKK.
If we could have chosen our immigrants..........


And now you are in a position to allow new immigrants
You have failed miserably.
You are No President @!!!
You are a FAILURE.
You should just GO AWAY !!
Check out gracefully....
Get it ??.....Do Something ....just go away !!

If you stay....we will have to watch poor children starve.

Poor little children trying to just get by....
they will end up being beggars on the street.
selling their little bodies just to get by.

Maybe you think this is charming....
to see begging children on street corners 
so that you feel accomplished.

You Are Not Accomplished.
You are trash and will always be trash.  

The poor ignorant souls that believed Trump !

We are stuck at the moment with a liar, cheat, and grifter.
There is a Russian Coup going on.
Trump is responsible.

This weekend Rex Tillerson will forgo the Nato meeting and go visit Vladimir Putin instead.
Rex Tillerson has not hired any assistants, he has emptied the State department to nothing.
There are no witnesses to what he does..............
Think about it.

We are finished.

Is it just me ????
Or do you have any thoughts ??

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