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Thursday, April 10, 2014

You Never Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression -The Nomad Hotel


Wouldn't this make a fabulous movie set.
I think so.
I adore this front desk.

In a Film, this extraordinary look could be used in several time periods.

(maybe I like it so much because the designer used gobs of fabric
and fabulous light fixtures)
The Nomad Hotel

The Nomad Hotel

The Nomad Hotel

Impressive entrance/
and 'beginning' for a hotel.

Remember you
Never Get a Second Chance To Make A First Impression

Divine NYC

The Nomad Hotel

I would be very comfy hiding out here with a book.

The Nomad Hotel

Out of the city into this darkened refuse.
It feels like a great room for a secret meeting.
(use your imagination) 
The Nomad Hotel

Straddle right up to this regal bar for a sip of some social lubricant.

I could eat every meal here.....everyday.

The Nomad Hotel's
Roof Top Dining

I love the way the rooms feel as though they are actual bedrooms in a home.

The drapery header is hidden by the cornice 
which is a continuation of the molding.
I love the look.

A masculine headboard.
Leather and nailheads.

If I were traveling to NYC often 
and for longer periods of time.....
I would make the Nomad Hotel my home away from home.

What do you think of The Nomad?

The NoMad Hotel

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous photos! Definitely makes the 168 room renovated Nomad hotel look elegant and inviting!

    I am going to go over to TripAdvisor right away and read the reviews! Almost 300 positive reviews -- and only 18 average to negative ones speaks well for it!

    I've liked the Four Seasons at East 57th Street, and one of my friends swears by the Mandarin Oriental at Columbus Circle.
    Now we can check this one out at 20th street! Is it close to the amazing restaurant Eleven Madison Park?

  2. Renee, this is a great find ! I love everything about it. Don't know if I would stay here because of it's location, I need to be where I already know where everything is. I so need to have a little holiday in NYC, visiting my girlfriends and having lunch, then cocktails, then dinner. I don't do Broadway shows any longer, much preferring visiting people. That library! It is absolutely awesome. xx's to both of you guys.

  3. WOW Renée ….. I LOVE The Nomad Hotel and, it has a sense of mystery about it. I would very happily stay there.
    …. and, thanks so much for your kind comment. My husband is now home from hospital but we all had a bit of a scary time. Will tell all in a post soon. Much love to you and Yvonne and your lovely, kind thoughts. You are both such lovely blogging friend's. XXXX

  4. What a fabulous find! I've been thinking of a trip to NY and wow…this would be a fantastic place to stay! Thanks for sharing it and I hope you are doing well! I've missed reading your posts!

  5. when I go to NYC next month I'll check it out. Looks Great.

  6. Would I need a second mortgage to stay there?

    1. well, you need a second mortgage to stay almost anywhere in the city.

  7. Love it...for a NY sanctuary! Have you been recently? How are the wilds and beauty of Maine calming your soul?

  8. I am so glad you have rediscovered your "voice". Your blogs contain so much visual inspiration.



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