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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Falling In Love With ORANGE

This setting and toile is me!!

Love this!
Orange and Orange Red are my favorites.
I had a deep orange red office at home with a big cushy olive green sofa,
and the case goods were all dark.
This was the coziest room in the house.
It was my favorite place for a nap and watching movies.

About FALLING......
it has been a mild October,
and so beautiful.
When driving to work 
the trees seem to be lit from the inside.
It is gorgeous.

We have had very little rain .....
but it is coming.
November is when all the trees will lose their leaves.
I am not looking forward to the bare and grey days.

Perhaps an orange suit would cheer me up when it becomes dull.

Fall is G-d's last kiss of the year.

A few paint choices .....

I just adore orange & black.
This secretary is sharp.

I think I have Halloween in my blood.
It is my favorite holiday.

Or maybe it's too much Hermes in my blood.

Divine Perfection

I do love orange and fuschia ( hot pink will work as well).

Another gorgeous toile. 

Just a note:
Your moods are often affected by the fall season and Indian summers.
At the bottom of this post are a few interesting links about this topic.

A very happy little room.

This is not as rich as the room I describe below.

When I was a little girl of about 6 years,
I was in one of my parent's friends houses....
I can still remember her living room -
it was all in very deep chocolate 
(with mixed textures of velvet, and grass clothes)
with touches of very deep yet bright orange .
I can remember standing there and thinking.....
"I love this!"

Great door and great tiled entrance.

This is delicious.

How do you feel about the FALL?

Do you like orange?

****   read this about the fall season and your mood and body

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  1. Dear Renee, wow you have outdone yourself! Orange and all of its shades from deep cadmium to apricot to terra cotta thrill me. I have this color palette in my living room. This winter (although our leaves are just now turning brilliantly) the warmth and richness of even a soft cashmere throw and velvet pillow take the cold away!

    Missing you! Call anytime....913*638*9171

    2013 Designer Series

  2. Just such glorious colors, none of which we see here in South Texas, unfortunately. I know it must be beautiful with the mild weather you're having now. Your mother has kept us informed about Maine's winters so enjoy every moment while there's time.
    I'm so happy for you with your new job and want you to tell all of us about what you're doing. Sending love, Renee....

  3. Fall is my favorite season as well and orange has always been my favorite accent color (can be found throughout my apartment!)

  4. I'm a blue red girl myself and I can't stand the apricot/peach/orange side of the color wheel. However, having an October birthday, I love autumn and I chose trees and shrubs for my garden that say a big hello at this time.

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  6. Hi Renae! I LOVE favorite season, winter not so much. This post is how uplifting it is and like you I love orange. Haven't incorporated it into my home but wouldn't be opposed to it in the right spot. So many beautiful images!

  7. LOVE fall....and boy do you ever know how to pull fall off! You need to meet my new ORANGE leather chesterfield. about orange!

    1. linda....!

      did you say chesterfield????
      i love love love them,
      and in orange....WOW.


  8. Such a lovely post, Renee! It is this time of year I am most homesick. I think I have reverse SADD... Fall and winter have always been my favorite seasons, and I miss them desperately now that we live in the Sunshine State, home of the eternal summer. I get so super excited the two days a year when it dips into the 40s here (and everyone else is complaining like it is the end of the world, haha)... there is something about the crisp, cold air that makes me feel alive and invigorated. Miss is SO MUCH. Thank you for allowing me to enjoy this exquisite slice of fall, vicariously! :)

    The Glam Pad

  9. I love all the photo's and the 1st one is beautiful, love the table and chair. As far as NON. well, if I start to get blue
    I think of Thanksgiving and all the trimmings and friends, then the beautiful first snow and How about all the excitement
    of decorating for Christmas. I try to see the glass half full. Mamma xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx come out of your sick room and rake some leaves. Love you

  10. Well this post is very timely mate. I've always disliked orange, so have never had it around me. However just yesterday I had a brain snap & ordered the cutest little tangerine orange cocktail dress for a couple of events next month. I had to have a large brandy & dry after though! Still baby steps for me with the orange thing.
    Millie xx

  11. Orange and pink or hotpink are such a nice combination. My hall is in yellow, apricot and orange. It reminds me of Italy and this makes me feel well. Your blog is splendid.

  12. Fall, winter, and spring are my seasons. NO SUMMER PLEASE! I especially love winter.
    This is a gorgeous post. I need that fabric in the first image.

  13. I'm certain it is Hermes, my dear!
    love to you both...

  14. Love the colour orange - especially with olive green, or hot pink, or pale blue: all good. Your room with orange and green sounds like it was a beautiful retreat from the world.

  15. Yesterdays drive shows us the snow is around the corner.
    Thanks for getting me out to see the last of the colors..

  16. Orange is one of my very favorite colors! It makes me happy. I hope you are well and that you have a wonderful holiday season ahead ( starting with Halloween!) Just lost our dear Thoroughbred 2 weeks ago, I know you know how that feels. Always connected to you Rene, hugs.
    xo Nancy

  17. I have small quantities of orange and pink with lots of cream in my bedroom right now. Love the orange door and tiled many pretty images.

  18. I *love* orange; it's my favorite color. Your collection of photos are outstanding!

  19. My favorite color is orange and your post for the orange color. I really fell in love with orange color. Living Room Decor Ideas

  20. Renee,
    I think I'll do a post of you on the ski's at the Snowbowl in Camden.
    hope you find "TIME" for a new post. You are just having too mush fun in Maine.
    I have to say, you are brave driving on these roads to work. I am nervous about
    going out today.



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