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Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Harvest And The Moon In Maine

A local Harvest Moon shot taken here in Maine.
You should have seen it over the ocean , 
with the dozens of sailboats still moored in our harbors.
It was gorgeous.

I am adjusting to my first few weeks of full time work....
I am just now feeling better about it.

I have never punched a 'time clock' in my life.
The punching of 'the time clock' is a complete post all by itself.

Anyway......this is what I did on my day off with my Mom.
We drove to Beth's Farm in Warren Maine.
The drive there was gorgeous.....
rolling hills, horse farms, and agriculture farms.

I dream of what it would be like to ride my horse on those hills,
 and through the meadows which are still filled with field flowers.
He would have loved that!!!

Back to the harvest.....

Indian Corn
The corn looked like hundreds of garnets.

The last time I saw brussel sprouts like this
I was in Paris.

And I actually grabbed an apple off a tree.
It was yummy.
Now I can say that I have picked apples......well, one apple.

And we have wineries here too.

I love beets.
Everything is fresh off the farm....
like in back of this building.

They even have hay for the horse farms.

Aren't these adorable ?

We drove to lunch past this lake.
There are bazillions of lakes and rivers here.

Have a lovely weekend.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the fall season.


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  1. Oh! Picture perfect! Love all the produce...and THAT moon! And your gorgeous boy. Maybe you remember fall here? 86 instead of 90. sigh.

  2. Stunning! I was in Maine last weekend, my first visit and I LOVED it! I cannot wait to come back and in fact we are starting to look for a house or property there.

    Your trip with your mom looks like it was relaxing and beautiful!

    Good luck with your new full time position!


  3. Renee, sounds like a perfect day off! Especially spending it with your Mom...I can picture the two of you driving together...brings back memories with to both of you, N.xo

  4. What an extraordinarily abundant place...with such healthy produce. Brussels sprouts on the stalk...I haven't seen that in looks so sculptural. And now I finally get the "harvest moon" an "aha" moment...a northern hemisphere thing!

  5. Hi Renee...just catching up with your recent posts, wondering how you are settling into life in Maine now that you have passed a few seasons. It sounds like you have come into a great space..people, family, location. I can appreciate it all. Missing your daughter, I get that too. Wishing you well in New England...from Saigon.

    Jeanne xx

  6. This post came out so great. I had a great day.
    Driving to Union for Lunch at Hannibals was a dissapointment.
    It was a new owner and not the food I expected. Sorry.
    Well, maybe someday we will get a real NY Deli in Rockland.
    You did a beautiful job. Now I need help with the Party.
    Love Mamma

  7. Beautiful post and love that moon! I hope you are doing well Rene and that you enjoy fall in New England! It looks so gorgeous. Leaves are just starting to yellow here.
    xo Nancy

  8. Well if this is the beauty of Maine, I am so sorry for never having traveled to such a magical place!

  9. Absolutely stunning images, Renee.

  10. Fall in Maine is one of the most magical times of the year. I so wish I was there! I have missed out on some of your posts, hope your new job is a success!

  11. Renee,
    Stunning photos of the moon and the lake, and all of the harvest bounty!

  12. Just to let you know --- you bring Sunshine into my life.
    Thanks for helping with the Party.
    The lights in the driveway are beautiful.
    Big hug Nay
    Mamma XXXXXXXX

  13. Beautiful post ! Your love of rolling hills and horses tells me you have a Kentucky Girl in there somewhere.

  14. Beautiful, beautiful photographs Renee... love to you and Yvonne... Happy weekend... xv

  15. With 2 college degrees I spent 5 years punching a time clock. Would not trade those years for anything. Horticulture is a tough profession, tougher still to make money at. Worst part of my job? My family with their rude comments about being blue collar, will end up a bag lady, and obviously embarrassing them.

    After 3 decades, who has the Cheshire cat smile now?

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara



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