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Sunday, July 29, 2012

What To Do When Surrounded By Negative People

# 1 Where is it coming from ?

#2 Just smile and remain completely detached.

# 3 Say; "Now tell me something positive"

# 4 Imagine a bright light surrounding you.

# 5 Is this a sign ?
{run like hell!}

# 6 Be enthusiastic and focus on your own energy.

# 7 In summary....
there will always be emotional vampires in your life.
Hopefully just coming in
....and them getting the out.

Sundays are tough.
Every vampire is home.


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  1. Unfortunately, my mother is the most negative person in the world. She never, ever has anything nice to say about anyone or anything. I phone her every day to make sure she's okay and listen to her litany of complaints. I know them by heart because I've been listening to them for 50 years. It doesn't matter what my sister or I do for her (and we do practically everything for her), it's never good enough, fast enough, ANYTHING enough for her. My sister and I joke that she could win millions in the lottery and be unhappy about it because she had to leave the house to collect it. As much as I try not to let her affect me, she always succeeds in sucking the life right out of me.

    1. OMG!!! this is my sister, and the sad part is i have to listen to her every single day,like you said, she sucks the life right out of me..what to do??.


  2. LOL, vampires are home.........
    i am trying so hard to be positive and around positive people. went through a mass exodus at work 6 mos. ago that left me reeling and desperate. since then God has slowly brought people to me that are the best. what i learned is that in actuality they were all negative and created this tight bond that left me on the outside wondering how to handle this. (i still get nasty texts)
    after the latest text last week i really found the resolve to put everything in perspective and walk away figuratively. what battles women can put each other through!!!

    1. what the heck ever will we do?......
      i have an idea.....but jail would be my next stop.


  3. Ok girl....that image is just plain freaky deak!

    Not to be a negative Nelly or anything.


  4. My mother and my mother-in-law are my emotional vampires. They suck the life out of you and make you think there's something wrong with you. It took a long time to figure out that it's not me, it's them. Have to keep telling myself that. I'm there now, happy with myself, trying to surround myself with great people and "flushing" the negative ones. Blogging is great for that, you find so many like-minded people.

    Lol, Renée, you find the best pictures! And yes, they're home on Sundays, they're the Sunday drivers of life.

  5. could you just DIE!!!!
    it seems as though somethings....
    that is what they wish.
    ...of course without holding any personal responsibly.

    ....but that is so in keeping with their nature .

  6. One of my best epiphanies, yes was working in my garden,

    "I choose the plants to put in my garden, I must choose the people to put in my life."

    EJECT button was pushed at that moment. Included some family too.

    Realistically, emotional vampires are everywhere, I simply detach with love and move on.

    The family I've created for myself is AMAZING.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  7. what a striking image! great coping strategies... xv

  8. My thoughts are with you dear Renee... I have a lot of negativity around me, and I choose to stay positive and wall-off the crap
    ( although it seeps in admittedly from time to time.) hang in there! Tink happy toughts!


  9. This photo reminds me of A Clockwork Orange. I think we all have people like these in our lives. There are too many of them to have it be avoidable!

  10. Walk fast as you can!!! big hugs and lots of love xxx

  11. Negativity is like a disease, once you catch it, it's hard to get rid of. I do fancy the image however and seriously thinking of googling how to buy those! Renee at least you recognise negativity and run from it.

    Love to you! x

    1. oh baby
      do i ever know !!!
      i am infected!!




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