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Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Most Romantic Time In Paris Is Christmas

We went to Paris during the holiday season.

' Isn't it Romantic ? '
Very Romantic. ( for my brother and his little woman )
It was Moi, my brother & his wife, and my big sis.
We stayed in the 7th. and everywhere I wanted to be was a metro ride away. I am a 6th. district kinda' gal. The apartment could not have been any nicer. It was roomy, well decorated, clean, and again, too far from where I wanted to be.
This is the floor, plan if you care.
Living room & dining room.
We went shopping everyday and had such delicious 'everything & anything' to nosh on.
The kitchen bar , and the kitchen had EVERYTHING you could possibly need for cooking and dining at home .
This was the master bath. It was great , it had washer & dryer ( hidden of course ) , and the elegant shell sinks.
My brother and sister in-law stayed in this room, it had the view of the Eiffel Tower.
This was the guest room.
Oh, did I mention my niece came as well ? She stayed here.
This was my little bedroom, it had a beautiful bath, very euro high tech. I loved it.
My own little heaven , I could close the door and be alone. I like ' alone' .
These are typical city street views during the holidays.

This is taken in the 6th. near San Germaine, my turf.
I spend quite a bit of time in this area. ( 6th )
I love the way everything is wet , clean and the streets are reflective and shiny . I imagine I will always stay a big city girl at heart. I love the city right after a good rain.

This is Rue Buci, and Rue Jacob is around the corner where I have a few choice antique shops that I buy from. That is a great street for you when you are there. ( Left Bank )
Everything is prettier in Paris .

Have you ever seen such adorable cherry tomatoes.
What , do cherry tomatoes not have permission to grow unless they promise to be chic, and grow in a little straight line ?
I love that.
From left to right ;
Moi, My sister ( Nancy ) , my brother ( Danny ), and sister in-law ( Liz ).
This pic looks so corny. I hate corny. And I am all weird, tilting my head into my sister, what is up with that ??
That is soooo not me.

I blame this on Liz, because she loves Hallmark Cards, and clearly I have temporarily lost my mind caught up in all the warmth.

My sister Nancy ( who has lived in London for more than 25 years ) and Me .
I love, love, love, love, her ! She came over on the Chunnel .
I bought her that hat in Paris as a surprise, from a lovely Iranian shop.
I had no idea ,( but I think Nancy knew ) but that particular hat is worn by The Taliban in Afghanistan.
I have since seen many pictures on the CNN & BBC of these terrorist donning these wool caps while posing with their high powered rifles.
Nancy is as gracious as she is, of course she wore it !
This is the view from our apartment ( in the 7th district ) in Paris where we all stayed.
I took this in the morning.
The Eiffel practically blows up at night, the the light show is unbelievable. And it is all going on right next to the sofa.

More just shopping around .
I love my job. I get to shop with other peoples money !
"Such A Deal" ( spoken with a Yiddish accent )
Go here to see xmas trees all over the world :

( enlarge any picture for more info and a closer look )

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  1. Renee darling!
    What a fabulous post!
    You are my kind of girl!
    What a great apartment. Huge by Paris standards. It must have cost a very worthwhile bundle.
    And I love the hat! Taliban Chic who knew? ha ha
    And you look wonderful in the photos, happy, alive, pretty, loving, and being loved. (Now who's being a Hallmark card ha ha).
    And you are loved by me too.
    xo xo

  2. Beautiful! Thanks for this virtual visit to Paris for the Holidays. The pic of the apartment w/the candlelight is lovely.

  3. OMG -i am SOOOOO jealous! beats spending the holidays in Pittsburgh, LOL.

  4. Fabulous Apartment! I understand your need to be on your turf though. I love Paris but I have never stayed in an apartment always hotels. I'll have to give it a try next trip. I've also never been in the winter. I went in March one year and it seemed like winter - BRRRR. Mostly I've been in the summer or early fall and it is so beautiful. Can't wait to get back - I wish the Euro would cooperate.

  5. i think the apartment rental is the only way to go if you stay more than 5 days.

    you can stay more than 5 days if you go with a friend or two, it brings down the cost considerably.

    try paris in DECEMBER , january or feb.
    it's gorgeous !

  6. WOW - love the apartment!! and all the pictures of Paris and Maine too - the Hanukkah bush pictures are too funny! Your daughter is gorgeous!!!



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