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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Lazy Downtown Rockland Day

I just wanted to give you a better idea of what the area looks like, and how many islands there are. This is just a tiny portion of Mid-Coast Maine, but it is filled with these little fingers of land surrounded by water.

There is so much water here. It is everywhere. It might be a river running into the ocean, or a spring, or a huge lake ( or small one ) that narrows and runs into the ocean.

There are mountains, and dramatic cliffs with beautiful harbors in every direction.

The Rockland Christmas tree covered in Lobster Buoys.
This is actually a pretty ugly shot of main street in Rockland.

There is a Fabulous sort of style store that carries quite a few high end items.

It is a lovely shop , jammed packed with great clothes, home-wares ( only the latest and most stylish ) shoes, scarves, ties, get the idea.
It is on Main St. and called the
Black Parrot
Rockland, Maine (& Portland , Maine)
Ask for Barbara, she was so sweet, friendly & darling to look at.
I do not know how she keeps it looking so organized.
This place is filled , and I do mean filled !
I am sure you are wondering why I have these ties.... when I am stale I turn to scarves, ties, and patterned fabrics on clothing for a fresh color scheme. This has always worked for me when stuck in the design mud. Even if I only use 2 or 3 of the colors, it's usually a good start. And it is good, because I wouldn't have come up with those 2 or 3 colors, remember, I am stuck in the mud.

G.F. MacGregor
Home Decor And Design
Rockland, Maine
The owner and designer is Ariana S Fischer Gregg.

This is Ariana, and she wouldn't turn around for me, I think it really was a "powdering her nose kinda' thing". She was nice, and very pretty . I don't blame her in the least, she had been dealing with the day after Xmas crowd, of which I was the last one of her day. ( yucko !)
This is her shop window, and the town movie theatre across the street.

Some of her things on the cocktail table. I thought the throw was great. And probably made by a local artist.
This is the back of the store and where I decided to whip out my camera and ask if I could take pictures.
I started taking pictures today because of this horse pillow. I love it !
I am a woman who loves horses deeply. And that my dear, is another story for another time.
So, anything 'HORSIE' makes my heart smile.
Notice the Tony Duquette book ???
Now this is a little antique shop down the street called :
Hall's Antiques
Rockland , Maine
These are the boats etc. from inside the shop.
This is Green Depression glass - love it .
This is Pink Depression glass. I have a girlfriend with a humongous collection. When she has you over for lunch and sets the table, and serves with only this pink depression is a
Oh look !!! There is a pair of opera glasses, and I have already had an Adventure in Design on that subject.
But these opera glasses seem to be everywhere, I myself own 2 or 3.
But what I love and collect myself in this picture is the 'Mulberry'.
The plate on the stand that looks out of focus but is not. That is just the way Mulberry looks. It is transferware, there are several colors including Mulberry. The Mulberry color actually is a purple, that is so dark that it appears to the eye as black. Dolly Hall is one of the owners. This ' Redneck Wind Chime' made me crack up when I was leaving, but Dolly hates it. Apparently her partner put it in the store.
The people of Maine, I find are pretty funny given the chance.
I have been coming to Maine most of my life, and I love , love , love it !!
( enlarge any picture for more info and a closer look )
Renee Finberg 'TELLS ALL' in her blog of her Adventures in Design
pic credits: flickr- mmpartee


  1. OH, Renee....Now I want to visit Maine! How quaint and lovely!

    I loved the shops you unique and chic too!

    Great, great post, Renee! THANKS!

  2. living in Maine now from 1997.
    I love your stories on Maine

  3. I'm loving all your posts about Maine (I still haven't been ever :-( ) I just LOVE those ties!

  4. thank you stefan,

    i bet you would look fab in a couple of those ties.
    the colors did not photograph very well.
    they were deep & vibrant

    big new year hug to you



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