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Monday, July 8, 2013

Easy Easy Easy : Water & Soil Proof ANYTHING

USE 'NEVER WET' by Rust-Oleum®

I don't know why I am so fascinated with this product,
but I am. 

You can water proof and soil proof almost anything.
If you really want to find out what it can do watch a few videos.
Never Wet
is amazing.

You can water proof your I PHONE or any other electronic.
In one of the demo's the treated the mother board of a computer
and submerged it along with an I Phone for 30 minutes.
It was working while submerged.

I love how easy it is for fabrics.
Laminating fabric is costly, and you usually need a minimum of 12 yards.
After lamination the fabric is quite a bit stiffer, not to mention the time involved
in the process.
You  wait for the fabric, then you ship the fabric to the lamination company,
then you wait for the lamination, then you wait for the shipping return.
We are talking at least 6 weeks.
That is if you fabric is in stock, and you are 1st in line at the lamination company.
( Not likely on either )

Sweatshirt treated with NEVER WET.

Napkin treated with NEVER WET

Treating a toilet brush is brilliant.
No dripping.

If you can use can do this.
It is EASY!!!

Think of this;
you can use white fabric on those breakfast chairs
even with a house full of preschoolers.

I hope you check this 'NEVER WET' out.
You can pick it up at HOME DEPOT.
It is about  $ 19.00  and covers 15 sq. ft.

The video is below.                                        XXX's

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  1. I am amazed Renee, so it is clear, how cool! I'm watching the video now!

    2013 Artists Series

  2. Okay! Sold I am heading to Home Depot in the a.m!! Thank you for the tip! If only it was dog and cat repellant as that asking too much?!

  3. Looks great but how lethal is it? I'm always leery of that.

    I once scotchgarded an entire white slubby cotton couch. Sprayed the the thing out on the patio. For months, there was a big waterproof square out there. Hummm waterproof the patio?????

  4. Glad you did this post,
    Hope everyone reads this.
    I want to get it.

  5. Brilliant and thank you so much for sharing this!~ we must use this! Sounds better than Thompson's water seal! Hope all is well.
    xo Nancy



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