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Friday, September 23, 2011

Earthlings Do A Pretty Darn Good Job....And It Sets Me Off To Dreaming

I have always been personally drawn into ROOMS that are not necessarily put together by pros...
how do you feel about fascinating rooms of just very cool and interesting people? 

Look at this extremely special kitchen. 

casually thrown together...and i want to sit right down on it with my laptop.

Earthlings Do A Pretty Darn Good Job....And It Sets Me Off To Dreaming

this room intrigues me....
a man - or a woman .... which would it be in your eyes?

i love this combination of rustic,
I definitely would love the company at dinner in this dining room. 

I am guessing this is a woman's room.
she caught the fish with her dad or grandpa .
because of the memories on the boat that day.
it is part of who she is.
she looks at the fish and smiles 
because that happy sunny day comes flooding into her head again.
that might even be grandpas fishing hat.
it would make perfect sense to me

great place to stare out and feel very private.
i can write in aspot like that.

and lastly...
it is all just lovely display

What do you think of the fish tale?
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  1. Totally agree, Renee. These images are perfect.
    I hope that you are having a nice evening.

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  3. Renee,

    Beauty and the untold story really is in the eye of the beholder. With little information to go on it works seeing the visuals and coming to a conclusion.

    Some of my favorite clients (like the ones I'm working with this week) are young, happy, and excited with the simplicity of making something out of nothing. Pulling a room together using what they have and adding some finishing touches, they're grateful, and so excited about working with a designer. It's refreshing and rewarding.


  4. If I could afford it, I think I would do most of the decorating on my own. I have had the advice of two interior decorators in the past, who both had great visions. But, it's ultimately what I'm going to be happy with at the end of the day. Now, if I can only convince my husband that he'll be happy with it, too. :)

  5. OH YES so agree. I would rather look at an eclectic room that belongs to an interesting and cultured person than a perfectly put together, symmetrical, all ducks in a order room that belongs to a total bore any day!
    I love rooms that have real character, whether its through the layering, the photos, the art, an interesting collection....always been drawn to those types of spaces, they feel more authentic.

  6. Dear Renée,
    I actually think that, rooms thrown together can be very inspiring. They can be quirky and very interesting. I think that there is room for all sorts of rooms whether they are put together by professionals or layman. We can all learn from both. XXXX

  7. Yes Renee, these rooms are beautiful and personal!
    All rooms designed by a pro are always photographed and the scene is very styled! You can notice that, isnt't it.
    Here you feel the unpro styled rooms! Love this too!!
    Great post!

  8. jax

    you said it right.
    it doesn't matter who makes 'a room'.
    it is a personal space.
    and that is everything!!


  9. i keep posting this post because i love the story about the fish




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