Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Upgrade Your Life...I Plan On It

The end is near for my life in Maine.
I am going home to Boca Raton.
I can't wait.
I will never complain again about the heat or the people.
I have been in Maine for almost 5 years and have made NO real friends !!!

New England is a closed society.
I am referred to as a person from 
That's what they call all people who weren't born here.

I am going back to where I do have life long friends........
It's their (Maine Natives) loss as far as I am concerned.

The only good thing about Maine for me has been these years I have spent with my mother.
They have been amazing.

I look at these images and wonder.............

If I will feel at home immediately.
Maine has done strange things to me.
I am less confident.
Less sure of myself.
Not fitting in for a long period of time will do that to you.
......I think.

The beaches and the ocean are what I dream of.

This is the entrance to my new home in Boca Raton.

This image is on one side of the entrance.
Notice how GREEN it is ???
And the pond is NOT FROZEN.

This is one of the pools where you will find me more often than not.
A swim any day of the year in the afternoon.

Take me home !!!!!!!!!!!

Have You Ever Been Through Something Like This ?

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  1. Moved to rural middle Georgia 2 years ago. Most here are 6th generation. They've taken me in, as one of their own. Had thought it would be the opposite, being a lifelong city girl.

    The world needs YOU. Not some version of you that fits in somewhere, by a thread.

    Write a note of what you really think, of those 5 years, people included. Take your time, drink a glass of wine. (Do this outside on your patio.) Check the list several times. Read it slowly several times. Set on ground, strike match. Let it go, where it belongs. Then, take the best, leave the rest. Can't wait till you are laughing about what you RECEIVED from the 5 years. Don't forget to be generous to all those people unable to take in your magnificence. They need prayer, bless their heart.

    Welcome home !! And congrats your beautiful new location. Garden & Be Well, XOT

  2. I love everytime you post. It is exactly how I feel. But theres nothing I can do, my husband is to damn afraid to make a move. Enjoy your new place and Boca Raton, it looks amazing and WARM!

  3. We will miss You, Mr. Bennie and Mamma

  4. Well i love you and your blog. Glad your back.

  5. Yes I went to Boca for an Engagement party in MAY. I was by the pool setting up centerpieces,
    the heat made me so sick, I almost passed out, they had to put iced towels on me. The traffic was like a speed way, I had such sad memories there. Landing in Rockland in the fog was wonderful, I was so happy to be HOME in Maine. Mamma
    That's what makes horse racing, many choices.

  6. I am so happy for you Renee. I have lost track of your blog I am sorry to say so I must catch up. After living in California for over 40 years I cannot imagine moving back to the frozen tundra.



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